Hanging at Pigeon Point

Anyone who stays in Crown Point, Tobago should make the effort to walk down to Pigeon Point.  The walk is almost entirely along a beautiful sandy stretch, and the beach at the end is a really nice spot to catch some rays and a little sea.  Just past Chef’s on Milford Road, you’ll see a road off to the left called Pigeon Point Road.  It leads you down to Swallows Beach.  If you continue to follow the road, you will pass a few road side craft vendors, and then, rather quickly, you will reach a point where you can easily walk onto the beach.  The beach here is rather narrow, but the sand is soft.  As you walk down the beach towards Pigeon Point, you will enjoy picture perfect views the entire way.  The water is calm and beautiful blue and turquoise.  The sand is soft; there isn’t much litter.  And, the beach is tree-lined the entire way.  I took this 30 minute (approx.) walk one afternoon after a morning of diving.  At one point, I stopped to sit under an almond tree and enjoyed watching a few families spend their lunch break playing with their children.


After hydrating and cooling down from the noon-day sun, I kept on, passing seagulls and fisherman…





After I passed this cluster of boats, the beach was without a soul.  Quiet stroll.  Amazing weather.  So beautiful.



By the time I got to Pigeon Point, I was so hangry…from a morning of diving followed by a walk in the noonday sun.  So, I found this area just as I entered the park, and I plopped down for some roti and a nap.


I knew that I was going to want to walk to the end, so I had trouble resting for long before I took off walking again.  Down near the tip of the point, I found the bar.  Surprise!  Grabbed a rum and pineapple, and I just sat enjoying the views.  The horizon here was different than the never ending ocean I had been gazing at back at Store Bay in Crown Point.  Here in Pigeon Point, you can start to see the coast line build up in elevation and lushness as it stretches to the north.



Once you get past the bar, you find a wide stretch of beach, then things get much less interesting past the boats.


More of these double decker boats you see around this part of the island…



Refilling my rum and pineapple, I headed back a bit towards the jetty and settled where the swimming conditions seemed the calmest.  Here, I just enjoyed the breeze.


But, then the rains approached.  And, I got lucky enough to catch a ride back to town…after snapping a few shots of the storm rolling in.



Sadly, one of many evenings without a proper sunset.  Rainy season may be cheaper and calmer here, but there are always cons.  It was a beautiful afternoon regardless of the stormy ending.  I spent several hours here in the sun before the rains came, and I most definitely understand how people can forget to leave this part of the island when they have Pigeon Point right here just a hop, skip, jump away.

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