Postcard: Halibut Cove, Alaska


Yesterday morning, my father and I took a 2 hour water taxi ride out of Homer, Alaska.  We awoke delighted with the silvery blue skies and tranquil waters of the Kachemak Bay, so smooth that the reflections seemed almost unreal.  We set out, not sure of our destination, leaving it all up to our captain.  After circling Gull Island, a large rock (or small island) covered with birds, he motored us into Halibut Cove,  a small fishing village, a little artists’ haven, relatively isolated from extensive traffic by the lack of road access.  Only reachable by water or air (if you have your own air transport that is!), this inlet is dotted with beautiful homes loaded with character.  The photography opportunities were endless…  We even saw an immature eagle perched on a low laying tree directly on shore!!  I really love this photograph, because it captures the feeling of the morning…calm with silvery sky, mountainous backdrops, and beautiful reflective waters.   The ripples in the water provide an interesting foreground that many of my other photographs lack.

The boat ride was so enjoyable, that I must share my recommendation for Homer Ocean Charters (1 800 426 6212;, offering water taxi services, kayaking opportunities, and ocean fishing charters.

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