Where my toes wanna be…

I always have difficulty transitioning back after travels, especially to the beach in winter.  Having just come back from Roatan a few weeks ago to a busy work schedule and temperatures as low as -8F (at least that’s the lowest I was aware of!), I am really feeling it hard.  Last night, when my toes were ice blocks seemingly impossible to thaw, I remembered an evening I spent walking down the beach of Tulum with a friend at sunset.  Wow, how I can still feel the powder fine sand  and warm waters around my toes even just thinking about that day.  I took a ton of photos while I was there, but this is always the first one I think of, and it was taken by my friend on her iPhone.

Tulum is on the eastern coast of Mexico, so the sunsets are interesting in that you really aren’t watching the sun itself set. So, what you get are more pastels and subtle hues. I found the sunsets on this beach to be extremely tranquil, and I always made a point of walking the beach at this time of day.

I know, I know…why all the sunsets?  Where are the sunrises?  Well, I’m a sleeper, and I’m not a morning person.  Sunrises are awesome, actually more beloved than sunsets.  But, while I might love sunrises more than sunsets, I love sleep more than either.  So, what you get is a huge photo portfolio of sunsets…and I’ll be sharing them in the weeks, months, years to come.  Cheers!

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