Dear Roatan, I am so excited to see you again…

Over the past year and a half, I have visited Roatan (an island off the coast of Honduras) several times.  The island is beautiful, the diving is convenient and spectacular, and the people are wonderful…and did I say the weather (most of the year) is perfect?!  You will see many more blog posts about Roatan in the weeks to come, as Roatan definitely has a piece of my heart.  In the midst of the snowstorm that we’ve experience here in Minneapolis this past weekend, I find myself dreaming of this island, excited to throw my suit on, run into the clear turquiose water, tip myself over the side of the boat and descend into underwater wonderland, drink a Monkey LaLa while watching the sun set, visit with friends I’ve made through my visits…but most importantly, I’m excited to share this paradise with my mom and stepdad, who are both going to Roatan with me next week.  This short photo series is a little taste of why.

During my last visit, I stayed with my friend Senta at her beachside bungalow in Sandy Bay. Virtually every morning, I would wake up, mix up a mean mug of instant coffee, and take the hammock out to the dock, where I would lay, drink my coffee and enjoy the view and the island breeze. There is something about the island breeze that makes me feel at total peace (I feel it in Caye Caulker too). Sometimes, I think I would fly down to the islands for the sole purpose of feeling that breeze.

Camp Bay, one of my new favorite beaches, located on the east end of the island…not another soul in sight. Spectacular scenery, peace and quiet…totally worth the drive.

A few visits back, I was meeting up with my friend Laura (who’d I met in Caye Caulker a few months before!), and she wanted to dive at Splash Inn.  I am so glad she did.  Splash is a trustworthy dive center with wonderful staff, and the coffee at the restaurant is some of my favorite on the island…dark and strong, like mud!  Since then, I have spent countless hours sitting at the end of their dock (drinking coffee or rum!) watching the sunset at the end of a day of diving.  I am definitely looking forward to heading back!

titas sunset

Too many amazing sunset photos to choose from… I took this photo at Tita’s Tropical Bar and Grill on a Friday evening spent hanging out with Senta, watching the sand volleyball games and drinking Tita’s rum/sprite/lime cocktails as the sun set. No better way to spend a Friday.


All it takes is a peak of sunlight on a cloudy day to make a sunset gorgeous around here. West Bay, Roatan, the best beach on this side of the island.

2 responses to “Dear Roatan, I am so excited to see you again…

  1. Hello! I read your post on what to do, see…. Etc In Roatan. And these are a few years old now. Do you have any updated information on must see, eat, do? I’m going next month. (I’m also from MN) 🙂 Thank you!

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